What is the difference between office chair customization and direct sales?

Nowadays, many companies choose office chair customization services when choosing office chairs. Of course, many manufacturers now also have direct sales business. So what is the difference between office chair customization and direct sales? Which one is better in general?

The style is more coordinated. When buying an office chair, it is often found that the style of the furniture is inconsistent with the style of other office chairs and the decoration is not coordinated. Customized office chairs can be customized according to the style of the office decoration.

The space utilization rate is higher, the scale of the non-customized office chair is fixed, so the scale of the furniture that is often bought back is not suitable, and the space is congested and messy. The custom office chair can be well controlled according to the size of the room, so the practicality is greatly enhanced.

Dealing with the type of room, in the case of multi-beam and multi-column irregularities, the general office chair can only be placed but can not cover the room type. The custom office chair is tailored to the room type, so that the external and space utilization can be fully considered.

Save time, buy a general office chair requires the owner to take more time to compare and choose, custom office chair enterprises can provide a good one-stop whole house customization service, saving the owner a lot of time.

In general, many companies are now customizing office chairs, but when purchasing office chairs, they still have to choose according to their actual situation. Only by choosing the right office chair can we meet our needs.

Why choose a good office chair

The most common office furniture in the office is the office chair. The purchase of the office chair plays a very important role in the image and development of the company. A good office chair will greatly improve our work efficiency and increase the income of our work, but many people do not know what kind of office chair is a good office chair. So how do you choose to buy an employee’s office chair? Let’s discuss this issue together.

How should we purchase employee office chairs? First of all, we have to plan the size of the office and do the graphic design of the office. Because office chairs and other office furniture take up a certain amount of space, so reasonable placement will not lead to too crowded, affecting the mood of employees. If you can’t, you can measure the size of the office and hand it over to professional people. General office furniture merchants will provide this service.

According to the office and personnel arrangement to determine the size and shape of the staff office chair, because our office chairs should be as ergonomic as possible, so the advantages of different shapes of office chairs, we must know, according to each person’s Not the same, to design a different office chair, only the office chair that is really suitable for people can better enable employees to improve work efficiency.

After the preparation is confirmed, the employee’s office chair can be selected. Buying an office chair should not be just a look. The appearance is not the only factor in our choice of office chair. We must also consider other factors, including corporate culture and overall decoration style. Quality is also a very important issue when we buy office chairs. Only good quality products can guarantee a true service life.

How to protect our office chair

Our previous articles have always emphasized how to buy a good office chair, I believe everyone has already gained something. When we buy office chairs, we must transport them back to the office. These office chairs will bump into the transportation process. And how do we protect the office chair when we use the office chair everyday? Let’s take a look at it.

In modern office chairs, when we use them in the office, it is difficult to avoid collisions between office chairs. So we have to protect the public property of the office. When we transport our office chairs, we choose the smooth road as much as possible, instead of the uneven road. If the bumps are too much, the office chair will be damaged. When we temporarily put it, we should flatten the office chair to prevent it from happening. Certain factors cause damage to the office chair.

How to protect our office chair

Modern office chairs use a lot of materials, but most office chairs are not made in the sun, which can cause the office chair to be deformed or cracked. At the same time, it should be noted that the cold and humid environment is not conducive to the use of office chairs. Prolonged placement in such an environment can cause the office chair to absorb too much moisture and cause the expansion and deformation of the office chair.

There are a lot of documents in our office. We don’t put heavy objects on the office chair. If the office chair is under pressure for a long time, it will cause the material of the office chair to bend and deform.

When the office chair needs cleaning, we should not use a hard or too sharp cleaning tool to prevent it from leaving marks on the office chair. When we are in the office, we like to drink a cup of coffee, but pay attention to the overheated coffee spilled on the office chair. Because the coffee is acidic, it will cause damage to the surface of the office chair.

How to choose the best office chair height

It is necessary for people who work in the office for long periods of time to have a comfortable office chair, because people stay in a sitting position for a long time will affect our health, so what kind of office chair is the right office chair? How should we see whether the height of the office chair is appropriate for us when choosing an office chair? What height of office chairs doesn’t affect our health?

Many people do not know the appropriate height judgment method of office chair, what kind of height is the office chair suitable for the best height of people. We all know that everyone’s body size is different, so choose the height of the office chair to be based on the height of the individual to determine.Of course, we also have a better way to judge, we can try to sit down to see the thighs and calves vertical, spine and hip vertical, if the above conditions are met is vertical, so that you can judge the height of this office chair is not suitable.

The office chair height is in fact two vertical. Two vertical office chairs that are able to meet the 90-degree vertical between the thighs and calves at the same time, as well as the vertical of the spine and hips, are best suited to our human health. In fact, most of the factories can do the above two parts vertical, but each person’s height size is not the same, furniture factory is difficult to ensure that the production of office chairs can be suitable for everyone, so some people will be to the factory custom office chairs, customized office chairs must be suitable for human health, the cost will increase, But for the sake of our human health, the money is worth spending.

In addition to customization, we can also adjust the height of the office chair, which is to use and double-looking the position in the middle of the display. Just keep the monitor 60cm away or lower a little, creating an angle of looking down at the display, allowing the neck muscles to relax.
For some can not adjust the office chair is also a way to adjust, if the office chair is too short then we can put a little on the cushion, office chair is too high, then we can also pad a little bit at the foot, in short, is to ensure that two vertical on it.

What are the advantages of custom office chairs?

For those who need to work in the office for a long time desk chairs are essential for our work, long hours in the desk chair to work people will appear a variety of diseases, so comfortable office chairs and desks become a lot of people’s pursuit, custom office chairs gradually become a trend. The height of the desk is equal to the height of the office chair plus the height difference between the desk and the office chair, if the height difference of the table and chair is calculated by 1/3 of the height of the user’s sitting position, the table height size can be initially determined to be about 680-760mm, the height difference of the table and chair is 250-320mm.

The height of the desk is the key to size selection, and the height of the desk is usually the vertical height of the ground to the desk table. For desks, the national standard GB3326-1997 table height is 700-760mm, the height size difference is 20mm. Whether you’re at home or at work, a desk of the right size not only provides a good work and life experience, but also reduces the physical damage of sitting for long periods of time, so we’re sure to choose an office chair and desk product that fits your ergonomically designed. Modern corporate desks with screens to block the desk, that is, the top of the desk has a vertical sheet, this design will screen and desk combined into a whole, mainly played a role in the partition, common has a word bit, T-type desk, F desk, cross bit, 120 degrees, etc. to adapt to different office space and company culture. Office space is not the same as custom requirements.

What are the advantages of custom office chairs?

Office chair customization is the most critical, most of the height of people will not be too different, so the height difference requirements for the desk is not high, but each person’s physical fitness is not the same, they may be heavier, may also suffer from lumbar vertebral disease, may also have cervical vertebral disease, these are usually sitting the quality is not very good or not suitable for their office chair caused by This time, customized office chairs can help them, custom office chairs, we can according to the physical condition of this employee to design a special office chair, customized office chairs must be in line with their body structure, so that they are conducive to their health, we all know that there is no healthy body, The work can’t be done, so the advantages of custom office chairs are here. Because the manufacturer’s office furniture are stereotyped, batch production, the table height can not be perfectly adapted to everyone, office chairs are fixed, so can not be done from person to person. Even if it is accompanied by an office chair with adjustable height, it is difficult to match human health.

As people pay more and more attention to health and quality of life, custom desks and chairs have always been popular, but also a young people in pursuit of personalized novel fashion attitude towards life. Desk and chair customization is by no means a fad, it’s a stylish display, enjoying a comfortable work and life starting with desk and chair customization.

Office chairs are not clean easily produce bacteria do you know that

It’s the hottest time of summer, and the hot weather also makes bacteria grow faster, and some of our office chairs have smells, and this time we can judge that the past year may have been a dirty office chair to cause the growth of the bacteria in the office chair, which is from these bacteria. If there is such an odor in our office environment, it affects our enthusiasm for our work.

Office chairs are not clean easily produce bacteria do you know that

We recommend a few office chairs to clean and improve our office chairs. Choose the right detergent, there are many cleaning agents for cleaning office chairs on the market, which can be used to clean and maintain office chairs on a regular basis, which not only makes it cleaner, but also removes the odor of the office chair, improves our working environment, and extends its useful life.

Office chairs are not clean easily produce bacteria do you know that

General office chair cleaning is divided into dry cleaning and deep cleaning, we can specifically according to the surface of the office chair different dirt and office chair different materials to choose different cleaning methods. If only a small amount of dirt, the use of detergent to wipe the surface can be removed, if you want to carry out deep cleaning, we must first put the office chair surface dusting, and then use a professional plate brush to thicken the detergent to wipe the more difficult to remove the dirt, the best with a professional office chair cleaning machine to clean it secondary, Finally, the use of water-absorbing machine to absorb the moisture of the office chair, the best practice is to take the office chair to the outdoor sunny place, let the sun shine a chair, can remove the office chair inside the bacteria. When the office chair is completely dry, we can spray lubricant on the support bar and wheel section of the office chair to make the chair’s lift and movement more smooth.

What benifit is it to have solid wooden chairs in the bedroom?

When we returned to the bedroom for a rest, we wanted to read a book, but sitting on the bed too soft caused us to read the wrong posture, so many people will be a solid wood chair placed in the bedroom, both as a decoration and convenient for us to sit and read. Let’s take a look at the benefits of placing chairs in the bedroom. Solid wood chair with simple, practical characteristics of the market. It is a bit more the use of simple lines, and natural solid wood pattern, but there is no loss of noble and elegant, to achieve a simple but not simple design style. Such a simple, clean design has created a small-family European-style furniture unique market position.

What benifit is it to have solid wooden chairs in the bedroom?

Small-family European-style solid wood book chairs in any space, there is always a visual center, and this center is dominated by color. The color matching of solid wood chairs is impressive, delicate and soft, often using asymmetric techniques, with a very strong post-modernist characteristics, pay attention to smooth line design, representing a fashion, a natural, a respect for the original wood charm of the style, plus modern, practical, exquisite art design style, It reflects the orientation and melody of the modern urban itemen entering a new era. Therefore, the formal fit of the modern people’s needs for their respective chairs, solid wooden chairs can be outside the modern fashion life, become the theme of fashion home furniture products.

What benifit is it to have solid wooden chairs in the bedroom?

 Solid wood-built small-family chair is very natural and environmentally friendly, this is the biggest feature of solid wood chair, solid wood furniture in the process of processing and production, and those artificial plate furniture, compared with the amount of glue is quite small. The amount of glue used affects the environmental protection of furniture. And solid wood chairs are made of natural wood, unlike other plastic and metal chairs, solid wood material chair is the best chair , we can see the beautiful pattern of wood. Long service life, generally is about 5 times that of other board furniture, can be used for 15 to 20 years or so. At the same time can bring a warm sense of solid wood to the home environment, so popular with high-end consumers.I believe that we through the above introduction, for the characteristics of solid wood chairs have a certain understanding, solid wood furniture features are very much, daily maintenance in place we can use for a long time.

How to check the dining table collocation

In today’s era of personality style, modern chairs and dining tables are the main characters in the dining room, no matter how decorated your restaurant is. The table no longer restricts people’s choice sits with rules. How do we choose the right one? What things should be paid attention to when buying a table?

First of all, according to the overall style of the bedroom to choose. If the room is luxurious decoration, then the dining table should choose the corresponding style, such as the classic Style european style then we can choose the marble dining table. If the style of the room emphasizes simplicity, consider buying a glass dining table, simple and generous style. In addition, the old dining chair table also does not have to throw away, in today’s natural style trend, if you have a solid wood dining chair and dining table, you can move it into a new home, as long as the top spread a color and decoration coordination tablecloth, but also another elegant.

How to check the dining table collocation

Second, determine how large the dining area is. Whether it has a dedicated dining room or living room, study and dining room function, first of all to determine the maximum area of dining space can be occupied. If the house is large and has a separate restaurant, you can choose a table with a heavy feel to match the space. If the restaurant area is limited, and the number of diners is uncertain, may increase the number of holiday diners, you can choose the current market is the most common style is a telescopic table, that is, there is an activity board in the middle, usually not in the middle of the table or take it down, do not buy a large table for a year only three or four parties. Small families with limited size can have a dining table in a variety of roles, such as acting as a writing desk. In families without an independent restaurant, the first consideration is whether the dining table can satisfy all the members of the family? Therefore, the current market is more common foldable table is more suitable for selection.

How to check the dining table collocation

The shape of the third table has some effect on the atmosphere of the home. Rectangular tables are better suited for larger parties. The round dining table feels more democratic. The last table is particularly in need of baking. Some people say a dining table is a model you let dress up. In order to show its unique style, you can choose different tablecloths, such as simple linet tablecloths to show a traditional flavor, bright and bright tablecloths can give a cheerful and lively atmosphere. In addition, the table is equipped with the right lamps, both to enjoy the beauty of the food, but also to create a charming atmosphere.

The Importance of Office Chairs

The development of the Internet has forced us to sit in the office chair for a long time and work at the computer table for a long time every day.Work when a good office chair so that more and more people pay attention to, so how to choose a comfortable office chair?

First of all, the function to improve, office chairs than the general ordinary office chair to, need to solve the problem that long office hours will lead to human fatigue, work efficiency may suddenly reduce, so an office chair must have a variety of adjustment functions can be in our replacement of different postures to find a comfortable state, rather than simple can sit down. Mediation headrests are also necessary, now with headrest function of the office chair has been very common, but because of the office population itself there are differences, such as different height, headrests may “take care” of everyone. At this point, the office chair with adjustable headrest function greatly satisfies all the working people of the whole company. The armrest adjustment function of the office chair is also important, the armrest is the part of each office chair. The main solution of the handrail is that when the hands type for a long time, the elbows can be placed on the armrest to reduce pressure, etc. And because each office person has a difference in size and height, handrails can not meet the needs of everyone.

The Importance of Office Chairs

Handrails can be 3D adjusted, front and right multi-directional regulation, release hands for comfort. For many companies have the habit of naps, office and lunch breaks are in the same location, office chair back-up function can effectively ease the office workers on lunch break lying on the desk, increased pressure on the cervical spine, resulting in more tired problems. The emergence of office chairs to solve the problem of standing fatigue. And the emergence of office chairs, in order to suit the office crowd, need to stay seated for a long time.

The Importance of Office Chairs

Having a good sense of comfort is only a prerequisite, especially through the practice of time. Office chair cushion material is the key, many office workers will ignore the cushion material, and the cushion material is the most intuitive reflection of whether an office chair has a long time comfortable harsh conditions. Today’s sits on the market material of course has good or bad, this and price linked. Density sponges, which are more expensive, can remain comfortable for a long time and are of light quality.

It has the characteristics of absorbing external forces, delicate, soft and comfortable, in the automotive, private, health care, toys and other industries, to meet a variety of market demand. Now the pursuit of light craft light material products, and office chairs are no exception. All designs are also close to lightweight and ergonomic designs. Adjustable waist can better fit the human curve, effectively support and can relieve spinal pressure.

The Importance of Office Chairs

An office chair requires powerful features and a long and comfortable experience, as well as more effective details to help you better pick office chairs. Many office chairs have different chassis parameters, adapted to different office populations and different functions. A good chassis, the function sits in detail, not only to adjust the height, but also to adjust the angle of the backrest, as described above. The functions of the chassis are generally: office chair back tilt, office chair back and cushion simultaneous tilt, office chair back angle adjustment, seat cushion forward angle adjustment of these four, can be based on the entire company’s population or their own home office preferences to choose. Finally, a good office chair can relieve the pressure of sitting on the spine, but we still have to get up and walk properly.

Boss chair selection must be serious

Modern people’s lives, working hours occupy a large proportion, that has a good working environment and comfortable office chairs to let us work can also have a good mood, especially for all kinds of leaders, the office layout is very important, of which the most representative should be the boss chair, Its appearance can give people a very stylish feeling, but pay attention to, because a lot of product quality but off, so sitting up very uncomfortable, long time down the words for good health is having an impact, so buy to pay special attention to details, next to see the office furniture boss chair in the end how to choose.

First of all, the soft and hard degree of the chair must be moderate, because too hard and too soft on the lumbar spine are not good, such as too soft chair sitting up will sink, in this case the lumbar back force is very large, a long time people will feel tired, too hard sit long will also be full of soreness, so pay attention to the shopping hardness moderate.

Boss chair selection must be serious

Office furniture boss chair size is also very important, do not like the purchase of ordinary chairs as casual, because the office time is long, sit up the size of each part must be guaranteed to be the most comfortable, such as height, sit to ensure that the foot can be trampled on the floor, while the bending of the knee should be between 90 to 100 degrees, The design of the back of the chair is also important, it is best to choose to have a forward arc in the waist position, as this is not only comfortable to sit on, but also reduce the pressure on the waist.

Usually office chairs are designed armrests, the boss chair can not be an exception, and must ensure that the height of the armrest can bring a certain amount of support to the elbow, sitting on the handle on the armrest, the armrest is too high and too low will be uncomfortable, too low will also add burden to the shoulder, the width of the chair should also ensure moderate.

Boss chair selection must be serious

Leather is also an important part of the boss chair, when buying must pay attention to observe its breathability and wear resistance, wherein the leather material is very good, the cost is of course relatively high, chair sheave attention can not be too flexible, otherwise the body slightly moved will cause the chair to move, stand up and sit down is also very inconvenient.

Finally to say is the stability of the chair, that is, when buying to pay attention to observe the part of the connection structure is solid, there are screws and other parts to carefully check whether there is loose or off, in fact, the purchase of office chair when the recommendation is to personally try to sit, so as to buy the most comfortable products for themselves.The above article for you to introduce the office furniture boss chair purchase problem, I believe you have some understanding.