How to choose the best office chair height

How to choose the best office chair height

It is necessary for people who work in the office for long periods of time to have a comfortable office chair, because people stay in a sitting position for a long time will affect our health, so what kind of office chair is the right office chair? How should we see whether the height of the office chair is appropriate for us when choosing an office chair? What height of office chairs doesn’t affect our health?

Many people do not know the appropriate height judgment method of office chair, what kind of height is the office chair suitable for the best height of people. We all know that everyone’s body size is different, so choose the height of the office chair to be based on the height of the individual to determine.Of course, we also have a better way to judge, we can try to sit down to see the thighs and calves vertical, spine and hip vertical, if the above conditions are met is vertical, so that you can judge the height of this office chair is not suitable.

The office chair height is in fact two vertical. Two vertical office chairs that are able to meet the 90-degree vertical between the thighs and calves at the same time, as well as the vertical of the spine and hips, are best suited to our human health. In fact, most of the factories can do the above two parts vertical, but each person’s height size is not the same, furniture factory is difficult to ensure that the production of office chairs can be suitable for everyone, so some people will be to the factory custom office chairs, customized office chairs must be suitable for human health, the cost will increase, But for the sake of our human health, the money is worth spending.

In addition to customization, we can also adjust the height of the office chair, which is to use and double-looking the position in the middle of the display. Just keep the monitor 60cm away or lower a little, creating an angle of looking down at the display, allowing the neck muscles to relax.
For some can not adjust the office chair is also a way to adjust, if the office chair is too short then we can put a little on the cushion, office chair is too high, then we can also pad a little bit at the foot, in short, is to ensure that two vertical on it.

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