How to protect our office chair

How to protect our office chair

Our previous articles have always emphasized how to buy a good office chair, I believe everyone has already gained something. When we buy office chairs, we must transport them back to the office. These office chairs will bump into the transportation process. And how do we protect the office chair when we use the office chair everyday? Let’s take a look at it.

In modern office chairs, when we use them in the office, it is difficult to avoid collisions between office chairs. So we have to protect the public property of the office. When we transport our office chairs, we choose the smooth road as much as possible, instead of the uneven road. If the bumps are too much, the office chair will be damaged. When we temporarily put it, we should flatten the office chair to prevent it from happening. Certain factors cause damage to the office chair.

How to protect our office chair

Modern office chairs use a lot of materials, but most office chairs are not made in the sun, which can cause the office chair to be deformed or cracked. At the same time, it should be noted that the cold and humid environment is not conducive to the use of office chairs. Prolonged placement in such an environment can cause the office chair to absorb too much moisture and cause the expansion and deformation of the office chair.

There are a lot of documents in our office. We don’t put heavy objects on the office chair. If the office chair is under pressure for a long time, it will cause the material of the office chair to bend and deform.

When the office chair needs cleaning, we should not use a hard or too sharp cleaning tool to prevent it from leaving marks on the office chair. When we are in the office, we like to drink a cup of coffee, but pay attention to the overheated coffee spilled on the office chair. Because the coffee is acidic, it will cause damage to the surface of the office chair.

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