What’s the role of the Chinese dining chair in the restaurant?

The restaurant is a family’s emotional space, the dining table is the family’s place to gather. For those who value the decoration of the restaurant in the home, the table and dining chairs is very important, come and see today table and dining chair placement skills.

 Don’t put the dining chair under the crossbar of the house.
Guests hope to eat in the restaurant when there is a good comfortable environment, dining chairs placed under the beam, will bring guests a sense of invisible pressure and crisis, think, head a beam to eat, you will not feel depressed and dangerous.

The number of dining chairs in the restaurant is best even, while the choice of dining chairs will affect the mood of people eating, in order to provide a good dining environment for families, people in the choice of dining chairs to be very attentive. The seat of the dining chair is high. Seat height refers to the height of the chair people sit to the ground, to equal the length of the adult calf is appropriate, people sit down after the calf naturally vertical, the foot can fall on the ground. Design is too high, the calf is suspended, the thighs are under pressure, and it is easy to paralyze after sitting. Too low to create a sense of squeeze, eating will produce discomfort.

The dining chair in the restaurant should be beautifully carved.
Now many American dining chairs will have some carvings, especially European furniture, American furniture in the dining table chair, there will always be a lot of not name-carved pattern, in the purchase, the dining chair must choose a more suitable for the restaurant environment pattern, to avoid people in the meal to see some not very good picture.

What's the role of the Chinese dining chair in the restaurant?

the hard and soft of the dining chair. People need to eat to sit in a chair, so the soft and hard of the dining chair determines the body’s comfort, the chair is too hard, the body is prone to pain motion So pay attention to the dining chairs selectioon; Restaurant is an important part of the house, the good table chair can provide a good dining environment for families, conducive to people’s harmony, good health, so the restaurant chair is very important. The decoration of the dining chairs determines the comfort of the family in eating. Through the above knowledge, we should know how to decorate the dining chair in the restaurant.