What is the difference between office chair customization and direct sales?

Nowadays, many companies choose office chair customization services when choosing office chairs. Of course, many manufacturers now also have direct sales business. So what is the difference between office chair customization and direct sales? Which one is better in general?

The style is more coordinated. When buying an office chair, it is often found that the style of the furniture is inconsistent with the style of other office chairs and the decoration is not coordinated. Customized office chairs can be customized according to the style of the office decoration.

The space utilization rate is higher, the scale of the non-customized office chair is fixed, so the scale of the furniture that is often bought back is not suitable, and the space is congested and messy. The custom office chair can be well controlled according to the size of the room, so the practicality is greatly enhanced.

Dealing with the type of room, in the case of multi-beam and multi-column irregularities, the general office chair can only be placed but can not cover the room type. The custom office chair is tailored to the room type, so that the external and space utilization can be fully considered.

Save time, buy a general office chair requires the owner to take more time to compare and choose, custom office chair enterprises can provide a good one-stop whole house customization service, saving the owner a lot of time.

In general, many companies are now customizing office chairs, but when purchasing office chairs, they still have to choose according to their actual situation. Only by choosing the right office chair can we meet our needs.